Hi, I’m an irrelevant girl, and this is my travel blog.

Causeway Coast, Northern Ireland

Even in typical Irish weather with abundant rainfall and grey skies, the coast of County Antrim possesses rural beauty and natural gems such as the Giant’s Causeway. I visited this coastline in Ireland in the summer of 2014 with my family.

Wieliczka Salt Mine

For anyone travelling to, or near, Wieliczka in Poland, the Wieliczka Salt Mines are definitely worth a visit. This underground mine is so large that only 2% of it can be visited, bear in mind that the tourist route still takes around 3 hours!

Bike Tour around Oslo

I loved visiting Oslo with my mother in 2017. It’s beautiful, clean, and known for it’s architecture. We only spent a day there, but the cycling tour we took with Viking Biking

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